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Geoengineering threatens Oceans

  • Small scale equipment testing in Australia (2020): sparying sea water into clouds
  • Sets a precedent vs. the moratorium
  • This tech will not protect against acidification in any case

Review of some ongoing experiments and risks

Use list of ongoing experiments Partial

Factsheets on Geoengineering

  • Review of most technologies
    • Cirrus Cloud thinning
    • Stratospheric Aerosol Injection
    • Microbubbles / sea foam
    • Artificial Upwelling
    • Biochar
    • Ocean fertilization
    • Surface Albedo Modification
    • Enhanced Photosnthesis
    • Direct Air Capture
    • Carbon Capture Use and Storage
    • Bio-energy with CCS
    • Enhanced weathering
    • Marine Cloud Brightening Project
    • CCS

Geoengineering worldwide

  • Map of ongoing / past / planned experiements
  • Also includes weather modification
  • Only 12 activities on SRM

FAQs on 1,5C and geoengineering

  • Negative emissions: Most economic scenarios rely on the idea that we will use CCS on a massive scale in 2nd half of century. Unrealistic: 10-30 years of global emissions to be removed
    • CCS - leaks / not a mature tech
    • BECCS - will the carbon stay sequestered? + monoculture is a threat
  • What is the problem with geoengineering?
    • It will have to be massive scale = consequences will be global
    • Unproven and have not been tested = uncertainty
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      Yet they oppose testing more
    • If it does work = reinforce global injustice
    • Real impact can only be determined once it is deployed
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      Just like man made climate change
    • Irreversible
    • Perfect excuse for those who protect the status quo
    • Diversion
  • Who are the main players / key drivers of geoengineering?
    • Global north, "some companies", scientists
    • if it is possible to artificially cool the planet and rein in global warming, then this technology becomes a very potent resource – not least in the hands of powerful states, which would attempt to adjust the global thermostat in whichever direction best served their strategic interests.
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      Interesting angle. Indeed, it can be used as a weapon = it will be used as a weapon = the military will research it whatever we might do
  • Are there any international rules on geoengineering?
    • UN Convention on Biological Diversity has acted as the forum for critical discussions
      • 2008 - Called for moratorium on ocean fertilization due to impact on marine ecosystems
      • 2010 - broadened de facto moratorium to include all geoeng
    • Ocean fertilization is seen as a pollution under the London Convention
    • 2019 UN Environmental Assembly - fail to push for moratorium due to massive opposition from high emitting and oil producing countries
  • What does international civil society say about geoengineering?
    • Clearer positions
    • Geoengineering serves the interests of climate polluters and deniers
    • International civil society networks are campaigning vs. introduction of geoeng and its "normalization" in these forums
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      just talking about it is an issue

Manipulating Mother Nature: The gendered antagonism of geoengineering

  • Male gaze on Mother Nature
  • Geoengineering: A patriarchal fallacy to save "business as usual"
    • The ultimate hubris
    • Geoengineering is a belief that tech can "solve" the climate crisis
    • The ultimate techno-fix
  • This entails a Stratospheric Aerosol Injection where even the word, “injection” brings to mind phallic images of penetration.
blabla about pre capitalism reverence of Mother Nature etc.