Hands off mother earth Manifesto




Oppose field experiments and deployment




proposal to tackle climate change

It is a techno-fix to tame the effects of climate change.

False belief that today's unjust world / consumption cannot be changed

Instead we need economic, political, social and cultural.

Mother Earth is our home.

Geoengineering violates its integrity.

We are against anyone attempting to take control of the global thermostat

Geoengineering put ecosystems and human communities at risk

Geoeng is a diversion and serves to perpetuate the oil industry

Adverse effects may be worse than the cure

Threatens global peace


  • Large scale
  • Unreliable: poorly understood
  • Another option for rich countries and oil industry
  • Unequal: disruptions would impact poorer countries
  • Untestable:
  • Unilateral: because it's cheap
  • Treaty violation
  • Carbon profiteering: some techs can be used to make a profit through carbon trading
  • New geopolitical balance favoring those who can control the climate
  • Distraction
Uncertainty is driving fear. No differentiation: it is all bad