Kurzgesagt Video




  • Story about end of the century: grim
  • We are failing .. .we might need to do something radical
  • Will it make it all much worse? or undo what we have done?

  • What is it?
  • Is it an option?
  • What if it goes wrong?

  • Focus on Stratospheric Aerosol Injection
  • Basic on climate: energy comes in and is trapped = like a blanket in your bed
  • Albedo: 29% already
  • Pinatubo
    • Sulfure dioxide: nasty smelling
    • Veils
  • We could imitate this: easy? cheap?
  • Side effects
    • Change rainfall / famine
    • Heated up the stratosphere (pinatubo) + damage to ozone layer
    • Delay the switch to carbon neutral economy / acidification of oceans will continue
    • Termination problem: we add CO2 + we block = time bomb. If we stop ... things will happen very quickly.
  • Best case: it buys us time
  • Scary / not a solution / might be an excuse ... very controversial so we stopped investigating ... short sighted
  • We are already are doing geoengineering in a sense
  • Hopefully we don't need it ... but if we do, we better have done the science ... or a PANICKING humanity might act in urgency

We need to investiagte to avoid acting in panic mode later...