Near-Term Imperatives for Comprehensive Climate Policy


SilverLining Recommendations for the Biden-Harris Administration Plan for Climate Change and Environmental Justice


  • This is a mater of national security
it is not a topic for mother nature loving hippies anymore.
  • More research is needed in methods to rapidly reduce warming
  • The US to work globally on this


  • Climate change is a near-term risk to the safety of the US and the world
  • We need
    • Better monitoring
      • IPPCC to look into rapid climate interventions
      • Expand military capability climate and weather observations
    • explore promising options for rapidly reducing warming
      • 5 year assessment of solar climate interventions to prevent strategic surprise
      • Accelerate research to assess benefits and risks of methods to rapidly reduce warming
    • Explore areas for substantial mitigation in the next 10-20 years
      • Including CGR approaches
  • The US can help the international community

The problem

  • Near-term climate risks threaten global safety
  • We need a response
  • We lack options to reduce warming rapidly if needed
  • We do not have the info we need to ensure safety