Stop Solar Geo


  • Campaign by Swedish indigenous people to stop planned research on SRM in Sweden.


  • Solar Geoengineering cannot be controlled: it will escape the hands of those doing research
  • Like all other tech it is not a tool against climate injustice

Article full of fallacies


What's wrong with "It's just about research"

  • Technology needs to be developed to perform the research. Technology used in research will eventually be used to deploy. It will escape the scientist's control.
  • We never managed to control GMOs, human cloning, weapons, pathogens ...
Human cloning?? If we cannot control technology that comes out of research, we cannot control the research in the first place: someone WILL do the research
  • Termination shock alone shows that this should not be done
  • Even the studies cannot give us an idea of the real risk
  • Fallacy of believing in a plan B: It is a distraction from reduction

Climate justice

  • SCoPEx (project by Harvard in northern Sweden), was done without consulting local Sami Council = this shows this technology will not be used to protect the most impacted / it is not for their benefit
Worst argument ever
  • No one ever listens to the global south ... why would it start now?