What it will take to achieve affordable carbon removal

  • CDR is starting
  • Question is : how much does it cost?
    • Target is 94 232 USD per ton ... acheivable? / 100 USD
    • At that price CDR could be used to address the 10- 20% that are too expensive to decarbonize
    • 🤔
      Doesn't fit with IPCC
  • Today > 500USD at least
  • Need to grow the industry 300 fold with public support
  • “We can’t stop every [source of] emissions,” says Steve Oldham, chief executive of Carbon Engineering, which is based in British Columbia. “It’s too difficult, too expensive, and too disruptive. That’s where carbon removal comes in. We’re seeing an increasing realization that it’s going to be essential.”
  • Example of UK 2050 plan: they will need to suck out millions of tons to reach the target
    • Project in Scotland: very close to Oil industry indeed
    • In texas: enhanced oil recovery
At least it will make it possible to ask polutting industries to start paying for cleaning up their mess
the potential for greenwashing on these "carbon neutral" fuels is huge!